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  • Pastor Sonny & Kim Arguinzoni

    Pastor Al has been a lifelong friend and brother, we have witnessed his transformation first hand to see the making of a man of God. He has overcome some of life’s biggest challenges to become one of this generations great leaders. You will be inspired to become your best and reach your own personal potential...it’s your time to Rise Up Now!”

    - Pastor Sonny & Kim Arguinzoni., Senior Pastors of Victory Outreach Chino, Ca)

  • Dr. Dave Martin

    "You were created for greatness! In his new book, Rise Up Now, Al Valdez talks about how he defied all odds and found the strength to fulfill his destiny and realize his full potential. As he shares about his own life journey, he offers a powerful message on how to protect and unlock the unlimited potential that is inside each of us. I encourage you to read this book, it will bring valuable knowledge that will help your personal growth and development, giving you the courage, strength and hope to reach your full potential!"

    - Dr. Dave Martin, America’s #1 Success Coach and Best-Selling Author

  • Javen Campbell

    “I’ve experienced the ministry of Al Valdez for over 15 years and I can truly say he knows the art of leadership, growth, & building a great organization! Rise Up Now is a must read for all upcoming leaders.”

    - Javen Campbell, Host of TBN Praise

  • Isaac Galvan

    “Pastor Al is a leader, motivator, innovator and friend that comes around once in a generation. Through his vision and tireless efforts the Victory Outreach Urban Training Center was created which changed my life, opened my mind to a bigger vision, and more importantly taught me how to serve which was crucial in helping me become Compton’s First Latino and youngest Councilmember ever!”

    - Isaac Galvan, Councilman District 2, City of Compton

  • Philip La Crue Jr.

    "Al Valdez has been a friend and a tremendous example to me for over 30 years.  He is a leader of leaders and a pastor of pastors.  God has used him to inspire, instruct and invest in others throughout the world! Rise Up Now is an arsenal of knowledge, experience and challenge.  Unlock your God-given potential and rekindle your passion for life. This is a must read if you desire to reach your full potential and accomplish the calling of God for your life."

    - Philip La Crue Jr., Victory Outreach Intl. G.A.N.G. Overseer 2008-19