The time for God’s favor has come! It has been said that one moment in the presence of a King can change a person’s life forever. One decision from the King in your favor can change the trajectory of your life. 

The King has been given a kingdom. How he attains this kingdom is not always in familiar fashion. Some attain kingdoms through bloodline inheritance.

Others attain kingdoms through prolonged warfare and conquering. However, when the victory has been won, they not only take hold of the spoils of war, but they now possess all authority.

Imagine for a moment, you are a citizen of their kingdom, and you have a pressing need within your life. 

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Philip La Crue Jr.
"Al Valdez has been a friend and a tremendous example to me for over 30 years.  He is a leader of leaders and a pastor of pastors.  God has used him to inspire, instruct, and invest in others throughout the world! Rise Up Now is an arsenal of knowledge, experience, and challenge.  Unlock your God-given potential and rekindle your passion for life. This is a must-read if you desire to reach your full potential and accomplish the calling of God for your life."
- Philip La Crue Jr., Victory Outreach Intl. G.A.N.G. Overseer 2008-19
Pastor Sonny & Kim Arguinzoni
Pastor Al has been a lifelong friend and brother, we have witnessed his transformation firsthand to see the making of a man of God. He has overcome some of life’s biggest challenges to becoming one of this generation's great leaders. You will be inspired to become your best and reach your own’s your time to Rise Up Now!”
- Pastor Sonny & Kim Arguinzoni., Senior Pastors of Victory Outreach Chino, Ca)